Burguillos del Cerro (Badajoz) - Avenida de los Remedios S/N - Telefono: 924 541 594

The hostel-restaurant, La Estación, opens its doors as a firm and distinct venture from the existing housing offered in Lower Extremadura.

Our hostel-restaurant is located on one side of the quaint village of Burguillos del Cerro, at the gates of the scenic Extremadura countryside, offering superb views of the Templar Castle as well as Gothic and neo-classical churches. It offers free parking and large spacious areas to complement recreational and starting points for hikes, bike rides, games, and more.

The hostel offers 13 rooms of which 7 have en suite bathrooms and 6 share clean and spacious bathrooms.
It also has:
* A comfortable lounge where one can watch TV or read a book from our own library.
* A multipurpose room for recreational games or workshops,
* A café-restaurant with friendly services and a selection of drinks and snacks as well as a dynamic seasonal menu with local and high quality dishes.

We want to bring our guests the middle, to the basics of our land in its rich and varied heritage. Our intention is to offer a comfortable and enriching stay involved in the process from before the visitor’s arrival until their departure, driving in the variety of options Station offers and leave open to welcome back doors.

We have the ingredients, as well as factors that harmonize a concept and an end. We put them in perspective to make your stay unforgettable and magical. We turn to put at the service of our guests and customers all our experience and good treatment and thereby transmit values and forms that prevail for long in the memory of those who visit us.


Work on the Zafra-Villanueva line was discontinued during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) but was later resumed. In 1942, the line up to Jerez del los Caballeros was completed, but no further tracks were built beyond this point. Spain had been left economically weak after the war and the railway line was never completed; the line never made it to Villanueva del Fresno, and subsequently never made it into Portugal. The work was stopped due to interests and pressure from Badajoz. The project that never made it to Villanueva, also never passed through Portugal by way of Mourao towards Evora and Lisbon.

By this time, the new national government system, National Network of Spanish Railways or RENFE, took over the railway lines.
In its glory days, Burguillos del Cerro’s station had two daily stops. Citizens were able to travel to other parts of Spain such as Seville and Madrid, through Zafra. They also traveled to the nearby town of Jerez de los Caballeros.

The population increased from approximately 6,200 in the 1930’s to 8,099 in 1960. Mr. MacLennan, Scottish engineer, and his descendants remained in the area and became part of the population. Years later, his son Richard MacLennan, mining engineer, became director of several Burguillos’ mines. Recently, Charly and Javier Maclennan have visited Burguillos del Cerro.

The train in Burguillos also enabled the transport of minerals from the Monchi Mines during the 1950’s through its closing in 1970.

As Spain became financially strong again, a great migration out of the improvised southern regions to the richer north, commenced in the 1960’s. Many people from Extremadura left their homes to make a new beginning in the financially robust cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao. Burguillanos were no exception to leaving and hence the population diminished to 4,360 in 1970. Eventually, this exodus also represented a progressive decline of the frontier railways and Extremadura. By the 1980’s, many of the radial routes, along with their stations were closed.

Although the Burguillos train station was closed by 1969, a freight train continues to function Monday through Friday, transporting Siderúgia Bilbao products.

The stations and buildings that remained after their closing are part of the Extremadura landscape. These old stations are not just physical entities, but are the memories and traditions of the people of that time – the ones that came before and those that remained. These memories are captured and immortalized in local stories, anecdotes, poetry, and timeless photos that have become part of the culture and heritage of those deserted places.

Instead of having these stations fall into ruins, some towns decided to rescue them. One such abandoned building is the beautiful Burguillos del Cerro station. Located in the middle of the Zafra – Jerez line and just outside Burguillos, the city council decided to rent the station and primarily began using it for city employee workshops.

Eventually, it was revitalized as a hostel, bar and restaurant; a business that began in 2011 and just recently, came into the hands of a new proprietor. The building will once again share those memories and legacy of the railway with its village. Antonio Requejo Coronado plans on keeping the history of Burguillos flourishing through projects and tours around the village and surrounding areas, to all who visit his establishment. La Estación, as it is affectionately known, will be reminiscent of the past but with a modern flair. Mr. Requejo is planning on bringing back a simpler way of living that connects his guests with nature and to those pleasurable, forgotten moments of Burguillos, sharing an heirloom for others to enjoy.