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Burguillos del Cerro y el temple

In the early S-XIII Burguillos del Cerro was still under Muslim rule abiding people in small scattered nuclei.

It was King Alfonso IX of Leon who reconquered these domains to Christianity with the help of the Order of the Temple, in gratitude ceding his government in 1238. This order contributed to population concentration around the castle and the site now occupied the ancient churches of Santa Maria de la Encina and San Juan Bautista.

With the protected and secured from enemy incursions territory, begins the period of repopulation and prosperity, becoming the bailiato of Jerez, which was Burguillos del Cerro.

In 1312, with the dissolution of the order, and because of a new policy of the Crown, Burguillos becomes a manor highly valued by the income produced their expenses and cattle.

Other Points of Interest


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