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Tiempo Natura Project

Tiempo Natura is years in the making, born of the experiences of a lifetime, shared between travelling abroad and living at home in the Extremadura countryside. The comparisions and differences between “here” and “there” of this world we live in are considerable and inevitable. We live in an age of endless commitments and responsabilities when we often forget to slow down and appreciate all that is around us.

Our increasingly fast paced society, filled with stress and obligations, continues to take us further away from our most basic and simple lifestyle needs. Tiempo Natura project is an answer to this and aims to reverse this trend by providing a nuturing oasis in time and space. Nestled in the Extremadura countryside Tiempo Natura wants you to pause, reflect and reconnect with your roots. With this holistic immersion into our rural culture, land and people, we invite you to join us in creating and receiving  and both create and receive the enduring memories of this shared experience.

By experiencing Extremadura through Tiempo Natura, you will take an unforgettable and memorable souvenir of your encounters with the rural culture and the people who carved and shaped it over the centuries. We have learnt how to blend those elements into a rich simplicity that will awake senses lurking inside you.


Extremadura is a land of extraordinary vivacity and diversity. This open, underpopulated space makes the region the richest and best preserved in Europe in terms of flora and fauna. It is an ancient land where many different civilizations left their legacy. Extremadura combines modern comforts with a broad history into a place where nature, customs and traditions meet to offer a range of enjoyments for all bodies and souls.

Burguillos del Cerro is a town of extreme natural beauty within the Lower Extremadura. With a heritage pre-dating the Roman Empire, Burguillos´ golden age as an important stronghold of the Templar Knights lives on to this day in its well preserved architecture and historical buildings. Overlooked by its legendary medieval castle, this rural town combines its rich past and well preserved cultural and historical heritage with an extraordinary range of natural surroundings. In a matter of minutes on foot, one can go from all manner of modern amenities in town and cross a medieval bridge over a murmuring stream, pass fertile pastures of sheep and forests full of Iberian pigs, stroll in the shade of countless olive groves and hear nothing but the natural silence in the shadows of the granite peaks.

Nicomedes, Our Organic Farm

Nicomedes is an organic farm of three hectares with a wide variety of trees and plants. In the shade of flowering fig, olive and oak trees our garden produces a wide range of organic seasonal vegetables of excellent quality. Its fertile soil provides us with sustenance and the basic ingredients that we transform into authentic delicacies that fill our table with joy and health. The farm is the starting point and host for many of our activities, our small universe where time stops for us in order to immerse ourselves in the essentials for the understanding of Nature´s processes. From tracking seeds and crops to harvesting fruits and nourish the soil with organic material, from feeding our livestock to reparing fences and making compost, the tasks vary from season to season. The garden provides sustenance and nourishment, satisfation and wisdom with its continuous generosity. Located southwest of the town of Burguillos del Cerro, under the imposing presence of the medieval castle, we can admire the ancient gothic churches of Santa Maria and San Juan Bautista, and, the neoclassical tower of the parish church of the village, while carrying out our duties. A unique setting for learning about and participating in traditional farming and rural tasks, the farm offers you the space in which to appreciate the tranquility and beauty of the bounteous surroundings.


*Single occupancy is available at extra cost (please consult with us)

*All hikes are moderate, even though, a vehicle is at hand.

*These prices have been quoted on a 12 participants sharing double or twin accommodation


1. Pick up from Sevilla´s airport and city center and transfer to the town of Burguillos del Cerro. We settle into our accommodation and step out to explore the town. Welcome dinner.
2. Morning dedicated to discovering the rich heritage of Burguillos with a hike to its Templar castle for outstanding views. Back down in town we visit the interpretation center dedicated to the Templar´s Order. We continue to nearby Nicomedes farm where we have a typical barbeque picnic. Your hosts will hold a cooking demonstration using organic products grown locally. The afternoon will be dedicated to typical tasks at the farm such as an introduction to our garden, animal feeding and exploration of the acorn and cork forests. Free time before dinner.
3. Today we take a morning trip to the nearby city of Jerez de los Caballeros. Regional cradle of the Knights Templar, encircled by a wall and crowned with a fortress, Jerez is a very well preserved medieval and historical center. The birthplace of Vasco Nuñez de Balboa, the discoverer of the Pacific ocean, Jerez de los Caballeros is home to great cultural, gastronomic and historical significance as well as large reserves of acorn and cork forests essential for the breeding of the Iberian pig. In the afternoon we will hike in these fields and forests in order to discover its complexity and extent. We shall mingle with the locals and visit a “secadero” where the delights of the black pig cure in the form of hams and sausages.
4. A more serious hike today, we shall walk from Burguillos to Alconera. 14 kms of dirt road through fields of Mediterranean flora with rock roses predominating as well as scents of rosemary and thyme among cork forests. A visit to a winery will take place in order to open up our appetite before lunch in nearby and charming Zafra. Free time after a short walking tour. Back in Burguillos we still have time to relax before dinner.
5. A morning trip to Mérida, the capital of Extremadura and former chief city of the Roman Lusitania. Its impressive and vast Roman heritage will be a fascinating surprise. We shall cover the Roman theatre and anphitheatre as well as the bridge, Diana´s temple and view the Moorish fortress. Free time for lunch and continue to Alange for a relaxing afternoon at the well known Spa and hot springs of the town. A full beauty treatment will be the most welcoming feature here. Back in Burguillos for dinner.
6. We head back to Sevilla after breakfast. We will proceed to a sightseeing tour with free time in afternoon for own explorations. Our centrally located hotel will allow us to be close to all landmarks of this remarkable city. A flamanco show will be the best way of finishing this unforgettable tour. Dinner.
7. End of tour after a healthy breakfast. Transfer back to the airport for those who requested it.

*Includes:  Transfers from and to Seville and all during the tour,  6 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 6 dinners and breverages with them, entrance to a winery, entrance to the archeological site of Mérida, a beauty treatment at Alange spa,  an authentic flamenco show and the exclusive services of a Tour Director and supportive staff.

*Does not include:  Flights, travel insurance, outbound transfer to airport unless requested in advance.


1. Pick up from Sevilla´s airport and city center. Transfer to the town of Burguillos del Cerro. Check in at our rural accommodation and brief introduction of the town. Welcome dinner.
2. Today we shall dedicate our day to explore Burguillos´ historical heritage in depth with a hike to its imposing, medieval castle with awesome views. We will also visist the Templar´s exhibition center. Lunch at Nicomede´s farm with introduction to the Mediterranean cork forests, the well known “dehesas”. Fun at the farm while carrying out essential and typical tasks such as feeding the animals, etc. Free time and dinner.
3. After breakfast, we head to the neighbouring town of Jerez de los Caballeros where we shall explore this unmistakable, well preserved walled city, the cradle of the Templars in this region. We then continue to the Portuguese border to get into the Portuguese Alentejo region where we stop at the Alqueva dam, one of the largest in Europe to embark on a relaxing cruise in order to appreciate the natural beauty of the area. First Portuguese meal in a typical restaurant. Visit of Reguengos de Monseraz, a small fortified village. We continue to the capital of the Alentejo region, Évora where we stay for the next two nights. Free for dinner.
4. Évora is a UNESCO world heritage city and we want to discover all its charm on a guided walking tour. We shall spend the afternoon exploring the surroundings of Évora in order to get closer to the most ancients tribes that inhabited these regions five thousand years ago. A moderate hike will take us to the enigmatic menhirs placed in the middle of forests of cork trees. Free evening in Evora for you to explore it at your own pace.
5. This morning we continue to Estremoz, a charming top village full of Portuguese flavour before reaching nearby Borba a wine producer in the Alentejo. We want to try them before continuing to our last Portuguese stop at Elvas, right at the border. Back to Burguillos. Stay with dinner.
6. We head back to Sevilla after breakfast. We immediatly proceed to a sightseeing tour of the Andalucian capital with free time in the afternoon for own explorations. Our centrally located hotel will allow us to be close to all higlights of Sevilla. A flamenco show will be the best option to finish this tour. Dinner.
7. End of tour after a healthy breakfast. Transfer back to the airport for those who requested it.

Includes: Transfers from and to Seville and all throughout the itinerary, 6 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 4 dinners with beverages, guided tour of Évora. Entrance to a winery. An authentic flamenco show. The exclusive services of a Tour Director and supportive staff.

Does not include: Flights, travel insurance, outbound transfer to Sevilla´s airport unless requested in advance.